predatory lenders deception interest

Spotting Predatory Lenders: Deception, Interest, Debt Cycle

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the top signs that you might be dealing with a predatory mortgage lender. While we wish such entities did not exist, sadly there are some within the mortgage world who, rather than attempt to assist clients for mutual benefit, simply try to […]

spotting predatory lenders rushing

Spotting Predatory Lenders: Rushing and Misrepresenting

While the majority of mortgage lenders on the market today are reputable and legitimate, there unfortunately remains a segment of what are known as predatory lenders. These are individuals or companies who are not out for the mutual good of themselves and their clients, but rather who have the goal of convincing clients to sign […]

taking first step homeownership

Taking the First Step Toward Homeownership

For those who have been considering buying their first home for some time, taking that first plunge into the mortgage world may seem intimidating. But for those who are ready, entering homeownership is extremely beneficial in several ways, from building equity in an investment to being your own landlord. At Primary Residential Mortgage, we’re proud […]

impact refinancing mortgage credit score

Impact of Refinancing a Mortgage on Credit Score

There are several important areas to consider if you’re thinking about refinancing your mortgage, from the impact it will have on your monthly spending to the long-term changes it might dictate. Another piece to be thinking about here: The impact a refinance may have on your credit. At Primary Residential Mortgage, we’re happy to offer […]